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All of Our Loose Leaf Teas are Served in a 2 Cup (400ml) Pot
Using Filtered, Purified Water.

Also Available to Take Home in 100g Bags

Black Teas
Darjeeling 1st Flush SFTGFOP1 Puttabong ORGANIC (India)  The Puttabong Garden adopted organic production several years ago and now produces characteristic, expressive teas. This spring picking is floral and delicate. Perfect for a late afternoon break. £3.50
Darjeeling 2nd Flush FTGFOP1 Singell ORGANIC (India)  This full-bodied organic tea is characterised by the wonderful aroma of sweet chocolate and creates an auburn, glowing infusion. £2.90
Sikkim FTGFOP Temi (India)  A Royal Tea from the only tea garden in the former kingdom of Sikkim. This tea is a late first flush picking with a fruity, elegant flavour and finely worked leaf. £3.50
Assam SFTGFOP1 Harmutty (India)  A strong and full-bodied Assam tea with a pleasantly malty flavour and finely wrought golden tips. £2.90
Ceylon FOP Silver Kandy (Sri Lanka)  This tea from the Kandy tea growing region is distinguished by many silver tips amongst the fine leaves. The dark red cup has a full-bodied smooth finish. £2.90
Nilgiri TGFOP1 Thiashola ORGANIC (India)  The Plantation Thiashola lies in the highlands of Nilgiri in Southern India and produces this pleasantly light and flavourful tea. £2.90
Kathmandu TGFOP Monsoon Flush (Nepal)  This mild tea has a subtle, slightly sweet flavour, typical for Nepal. Perfect for the afternoon. £2.60
Yunnan FOP (China)  A black flowery orange pekoe tea from the Yunnan region of China with even leaves and some golden tips. The pitch dark infusion and the slightly earthy character are typical of the region. £2.60
Kilimanjaro GFOP1 Marinyn (Kenya)  This is an orthodox tea from the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro with white tips, a typical strong and aromatic flavour and a copper red cup. Goes well with or without milk and is a pleasant lighter breakfast tea or afternoon brew. £2.60
  Black Tea Blends
Talk of Tea House Blend (English Breakfast)  Our signature tea blended with teas from Assam and Sumatra with its full aromatic flavour delivers a strong taste that is delicious with milk. £2.50
Early Morning ORGANIC  Beautifully full bodied, this broken blend is stimulating, yet mild with a reddish brown cup and a strong flavour. £2.60
Russian Caravan  Named after the old silk route teas, where legend has it that the teas took on the smoky taste of the campfires. Smoke-dried Lapsang Souchong provides the distinctive flavour. £2.60
Vanilla Sunday  A delicious Assam harmoniously blended with vanilla.Green Teas £2.60
Green Dragon (China)  From the Southern Chinese region of Yunnan this green tea has a light green wavy leaf and a fresh, strong character. £2.60
Gunpowder ORGANIC (China)  The leaves of this organic green tea classic are rolled into tight pellets to preserve the flavour which is often described as thick and strong like a soft honey, but with a refreshing tangy note. £2.90
Palace Needles ORGANIC (China) The Chinese province of Hubei is the birth place of this organically produced tea speciality. The greatest care is taken in this tea’s production, particularly low-temperature drying, which preserves the lovely colour and fresh flavour. It has a uniformly fine wiry and shiny leaf.  A true connoisseur’s tea. £2.90
Sencha Fukujyu (Japan)  With its dark green leaf and fresh fragrance this tea represents a classic Sencha quality. The taste reminds of seaweed and has a slightly tart, distinct and fresh note. £3.50
  Specialist Teas
Lapsang Souchong – Black Tea – (China)  A specialist tea that contains not the typical “two leaves and a bud” but instead the bigger and more robust leaves from the lower parts of the tea plant. Roasting over exotic woods gives it its typical smoky flavour. £3.50
Pu-Erh – Black Tea – (China)  This aged black tea from the Yunnan region of China is fermented in a special way and it tastes like no other tea on earth. It is smooth, rich, and often reminiscent of organic (some say earthy) substances. It is also called “red tea” due to its red infusion. £3.50
Oolong ORGANIC (China)  A premium tea that has a woody and thick aroma. This earthy yet light tasting organic tea is low in tannin. Translated, the Chinese word Oolong means “red dragon”. £3.50
Milky Oolong (China)  An exceptional tea from China. Milky Oolong is a variety of oolong tea that is truly unique.  Its character comes from flavouring added at source that causes the leaves to take on a milky, almost sweet flavour and scent. £3.50
Yellow Sun – Yellow Tea – (China)  This speciality is produced in a traditional Chinese way in the Anhui province. It is very light, has a lingering sweetness and a nutty taste. In contrast to green tea, yellow tea is not processed immediately after roasting but is wrapped in paper or cloth and left to cool producing a hardly fermented tea without the grassy or vegetal taste of green tea. £3.50
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls – Green Tea – (China)  This jasmine tea is amongst our top qualities. It has fine leaves hand rolled into balls and a typical, expressive jasmine character. Only the youngest and most tender leaves are blended repeatedly with fresh, very fragrant jasmine flowers which are removed afterwards. Then the scented tea leaves are rolled by hand into small, tight pearls. £3.90
Genmaicha – Green Tea – (Japan)  A Bancha, naturally low in caffeine content. The addition of roasted brown rice gives it a slightly tart, aromatic cup with a roasted flavour. £3.50
Snow Buds – White Tea – (China)  Only young buds and open leaves are picked for this tea which makes for a very light ivory-coloured infusion. White teas are amongst the most noble and mild varieties in the world. Only the youngest, as yet unopened buds, still covered in silvery down are picked and wilted shortly in moderate daylight. £3.90
Matcha ORGANIC – Green Tea – (Japan)  This unique, finely milled green tea is a Japanese classic and is still prepared in a special way for traditional tea ceremonies. £4.25
Yogi Chai Tea ORGANIC – Spice Blend – (India)  The tea is a blend of five traditional Ayurvedic spices: cardamom seed, cinnamon bark, clove bud, ginger root and black pepper. Ayurvedic medicine holds that this combination of spices has unique, healthful properties. £3.50
 Flavoured Teas
Earl Grey Blue Flower (Black Tea)  Black tea with cornflowers and bergamot £2.60
Rose Congou (Black Tea)  Blended with petals, this black tea derives its aroma from freshly picked roses which delicately transfer their scent to the tea. £2.60
Oriental Spices (Black Tea)  Spices from the Arabian nights give this tea an oriental touch.Ingredients: Black tea, orange peel, ginger pieces, cinnamon pieces, cardamom seeds, vanilla pieces £2.60
Rum-Vanilla (Black Tea)  Black tea, hazelnut, vanilla and flavouring £2.60
Tropical Dream (Black Tea)  Black tea, lemon peel, rose petals, calendula petals and flavouring £2.60
Jasmine Congou (Green Tea)  This jasmine classic comes from the Chinese province of Fujian. The added jasmine blossoms are a delight for the palate. Mild, with a medium-light cup. £2.60
Mint (Green Tea)  China Gunpowder, spearmint £2.60
Japanese Cherry Blossom (Green Tea) Sencha green tea, cranberry slices, rose petals and flavouring £2.90
  Fruit Blends
Turkish Apple  Apple pieces, apple pomace, blackberry leaves £2.60
Peach  Apple pieces, hibiscus petals, mango pieces, papaya pieces, sunflower petals and flavouring £2.60
Raspberry  Raspberry pieces, Hibiscus petals, rosehip peel, apple pieces, blackberry leaves and orange peel £2.60
Fruits of the Forest  Hibiscus petals, apple pieces, rosehip peel, raspberry pieces, blueberries, blackcurrants, blackberry leaves £2.60
Limonello  Apple pieces, rosehip peel, apple pomace, lemon peel, orange peel and lemongrass £2.60
 Wellness Teas, Herbs and Herbal Blends
Sundown  Lemon balm, peppermint, blackberry leaves, lemongrass, camomile, lavender flowers, rose petals, orange blossoms, heather blossoms £2.90
Witch Blend  Hibiscus petals, orange peel, apple pieces, blackberry leaves, peppermint, sunflower petals £2.90
Feel Well Balanced  Rooibos, camomile, honey bush, lemon balm, fennel seed, lemongrass, ginseng root £2.90
Lust for Life ORGANIC  Hibiscus petals, liquorice root, peppermint, raspberry leaves, ginger pieces, cardamom, cloves, marigold flowers £2.90
Wide Awake ORGANIC  Mate, hibiscus petals, rosemary, fennel, lemongrass, liquorice root, blackberry leaves, lemon verbena, rosehip peel, anise and cornflowers £2.90
Pure Refreshment  Rosehip peel, hibiscus petals, apple pieces, rooibos, lemon peel, lemongrass £2.90
Ginger and Lemon ORGANIC  Ginger pieces, lemongrass, lemon peel, liquorice root, spearmint £2.90
Chocolate and Apple ORGANIC  Cocoa beans, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, spearmint and rosehip peel £2.90
Camomile- Camomile InfusionPeppermint– Peppermint Infusion

Lemongrass – Lemongrass Infusion



Rooibos and Mate
Rooibos Original ORGANIC  Rooibos is a versatile and remarkable South African herb. Refreshing alternative to Tea £2.50
Rooibos Vanilla ORGANIC Rooibos, vanilla flavouring £2.60
Mate Green  The flavour of brewed Mate is strongly vegetal, herbal, and grassy. The most popular drink in the South American Andes. £2.50
Mate Chai  Mate roasted, cinnamon pieces, ginger pieces, cardamom hull, cardamom seed, and vanilla pieces £2.60
Rooibos Mate Latte  Chocolate flavoured herbal infusion, rooibos, mate, chocolate chips and coconut £2.60
Coffee and Hot Chocolate We use locally sourced and roasted Small Batch Coffee Beans


Cafe Latte


Hot Chocolate






 Soft Drinks
Iced Teas made to order using our Assam, Rooibos or Fruit Blends, served with fresh citrus fruit and mint £3.50
Belvoir Organic Pressés-Elderflower-Lemonade-Ginger Beer
Curiosity Cola £2.50
Fruit Juices (Orange, Apple) £1.50
Bottled Mineral Water (Still/Sparkling) £1.30


ABBREVIATIONS –ways to describe Black Teas

S The large, rough leaves at the bottom of the bush.

OP Orange Pekoe: younger, smaller leaves, a name coming from its golden colour.

FOP Flowery Orange Pekoe: collected by hand from the top of the sprout.

GFOP Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe: collected from the sprout, young tea containing the two topmost leaves and golden colour buds.

TGFOP Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe: The larger parts of the tea plant rich in buds collected from the end of the sprout.

FTGFOP Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe: excellent tea brand.

TGBOP Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe: Similar to TGFOP, but broken leaves.